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Under Accum’s BRC A/BSCI/FSC/ISO 9001 system, our paper cups ensure you hygiene and safety. With our paper cups, you can enjoy all your beverages clean and handy. Our high-end printing technique make sure we can offer customized brand image on the paper cup which is an excellent space for marketing your business.

Suzhou Accum Packaging Co., Ltd was established in 2016, is professional China Paper Cups manufacturers and custom Paper Cups suppliers, focusing on the manufacturing and innovation of food and beverage packaging, provide wholesale Paper Cups for our customer. Our name Accum is taken from the word "accumulation"; the establishment and development of Accum is based on the accumulation and precipitation of each employee's experience, diligence and intelligence. Today Accum is still young, but we have grown into a BRC A/FSC/BSCI/ISO 9001 certified factory with 20,000 square meters of production base.



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