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Compared with traditional plastic cups, Accum paper ice-cream cups have a stronger identity with variety choices of much more selection of colors, patterns, and sizes. Meanwhile the paper ice-cream cups are more sustainable and eco-friendlier. It's better suited for take-out and to-go ice cream. The strong identity always leads to good and deep impression to customers and others who may be attracted to the printing and design. With double side of lamination, the paper ice-cream cups can go in fridge, and the cup walls are not easily getting soften. Special ink and printing treatment have been applied for our paper ice-cream cups to avoid ink transfer or ink loose during production and transportation. For double secure, we also set up standard ink resistant test during daily QC inspection checking.


Size Cup Volume ml Cup Dimension mm (T*B*H) Packing Way Volume per Carton (CBM) Loading qty per 40HQ (pcs)
100ml Ice-cream Cup 139 75*62*48 50*20=1000 pcs 0.058 1,140,000 pcs
150ml Ice-cream Cup 239 96*82*49 50*20=1000 pcs 0.098 680,000 pcs
200ml Ice-cream Cup 286 95*73*62 50*20=1000 pcs 0.096 690,000 pcs
300ml Ice-cream Cup 419 101*80*77 50*20=1000 pcs 0.109 610,000 pcs
  • 100ml Ice-cream Cold Paper Cup

    100ml Ice-cream Cold Paper Cup

  • 150ml Ice-cream Cold Paper Cup

    150ml Ice-cream Cold Paper Cup

  • 200ml Ice-cream Cold Paper Cup

    200ml Ice-cream Cold Paper Cup

  • 300ml Ice-cream Cold Paper Cup

    300ml Ice-cream Cold Paper Cup

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Premium quality since 2016

Suzhou Acme Packaging Co., Ltd. was established in 2016 and is one of the Wholesale Cold Paper Ice-Cream Cups Manufacturers and Paper Ice-Cream Cups Suppliers, we offer manufacturing Ice Cream Paper Cups for sale at a cheap price. We focusing on the manufacturing and innovation of food and beverage packaging. Our name Accum is taken from the word "accumulation"; the establishment and development of Accum is based on the accumulation and precipitation of each employee's experience, diligence and wisdom.
Our reliable raw materials, modern equipment, professional quality control capabilities and cutting-edge designs make our Ice Cream Paper Cup products stand out in the industry. Our team's extensive experience in the packaging industry and strong design capabilities can provide you with packaging services for custom Ice Cream Paper Cup products with aesthetic value.
The strong communication ability of the team allows us to understand your needs at the first time, and we promise to reply to any of your requests within 48 hours. We love packaging and are good at packaging. We strive to achieve "customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and supplier satisfaction." Please contact us immediately, we look forward to creating more value for you!

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We are a reliable Ice Cream Paper Cups manufacturers with BRC A/BSCI certifications and professional quality control ability.


And the deep understanding of the raw material knowledge and equipment operation always make our dream product come true.


We can offer the most suitable Ice Cream Paper Cups packaging service for you with smooth communication and fast response.


Reduce, recycle, degradable are our commitments. And we'realways following the lead of domestic and foreign laws and regulations of the packaging industry.

Ice Cream Paper Cup Industry Knowledge Extension

Ice Cream Paper Cups are a versatile and convenient packaging solution for ice cream and frozen desserts. They are widely used in cafes, restaurants, food trucks, and ice cream parlors, as well as for catering and special events. The compact, lightweight design of the cups makes them easy to transport and store, while their insulated walls help keep frozen foods at just the right temperature. In addition to being eco-friendly and disposable, ice cream cups come in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs to suit the needs of any business. Whether you're serving classic scoops, sundaes, or specialty frozen desserts, ice cream paper cups are a functional and attractive way to display your products.

What Are The Advantages Of Ice Cream Paper Cups?
Ice Cream Cups are single-use containers designed for serving ice cream and other frozen desserts. These cups are made of paper, which makes them a convenient and affordable option for individuals and businesses.
The advantages of ice cream cups include:
Convenience: Paper ice cream cups are easy to carry and use, making them a convenient choice for mobile consumption.
Customizable: Ice cream paper cups can be custom printed with logos, designs, and text, making them ideal for promotional and advertising purposes.
ECO-FRIENDLY: Paper ice cream cups are recyclable, reducing environmental impact compared to other disposable paper cups.
Cost-effective: Compared with other types of cups, ice cream paper cups are relatively cheap, making them an affordable choice for both businesses and individuals.
Lightweight: The ice cream paper cups are lightweight for easy transport and storage.

What Are The Design Features Of Ice Cream Paper Cups?
Design features of ice cream paper cups include a waterproof layer to prevent leaks and spills, and wide sides to prevent spills and make serving easier. Paper ice cream cups are usually designed with lids and straws to prevent spills and make serving easier. Overall, ice cream cups provide a convenient, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective option for ice cream and other frozen desserts.