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Accum cup sleeves are made of recyclable material. They can protect hands from getting burnt and protect iced content from the warmth of human hands when customer wants to keep drinks cold for as long as possible. Together with our single wall paper cups, the cup sleeve will add some more texture and save cost. If standard versions are too normal, the shape and printing of the cup sleeve can be customized for your brand.

8oz Cup Sleeve

8oz Cup Sleeve

12/16oz Cup Sleeve

12/16oz Cup Sleeve

8oz Vending Single Wall Hot Paper Cup

8oz Vending Single Wall Hot Paper Cup

Suzhou Accum Packaging Co., Ltd is one of the Custom Cup Sleeves Manufacturers and OEM/ODM Cup Sleeves Factory, we offer manufacturing Cup Sleeves for sale at a cheap price. We provide the strength and value of a customized and cost-effective total solution. We love packaging, we are good at packaging, and we are always keen on innovation and inspiration. We look forward to opening up more possibilities for you and your business.


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We are a reliable custom Cup Sleeve factory with BRC A/FSC/BSCI certifications and professional quality control ability.


And the deep understanding of the raw material knowledge and equipment operation always make our dream product come true.


We can offer the most suitable Cup Sleeve packaging service for you with smooth communication and fast response.


Reduce, recycle, degradable are our commitments. And we'realways following the lead of domestic and foreign laws and regulations of the packaging industry.