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Accum cup sleeves are made of recyclable material. They can protect hands from getting burnt and protect iced content from the warmth of human hands when customer wants to keep drinks cold for as long as possible. Together with our single wall paper cups, the cup sleeve will add some more texture and save cost. If standard versions are too normal, the shape and printing of the cup sleeve can be customized for your brand.

8oz Cup Sleeve

8oz Cup Sleeve

12/16oz Cup Sleeve

12/16oz Cup Sleeve

8oz Vending Single Wall Hot Paper Cup

8oz Vending Single Wall Hot Paper Cup


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about Accum

Premium quality since 2016

Suzhou Acme Packaging Co., Ltd. was established in 2016 and is one of the Custom Cup Sleeves Manufacturers and OEM/ODM Cup Sleeves Factory, we offer manufacturing Cup Sleeves for sale at a cheap price. We focusing on the manufacturing and innovation of food and beverage packaging. Our name Accum is taken from the word "accumulation"; the establishment and development of Accum is based on the accumulation and precipitation of each employee's experience, diligence and wisdom.
Our reliable raw materials, modern equipment, professional quality control capabilities and cutting-edge designs make our Cup Sleeve products stand out in the industry. Our team's extensive experience in the packaging industry and strong design capabilities can provide you with packaging services for custom Cup Sleeve products with aesthetic value.
The strong communication ability of the team allows us to understand your needs at the first time, and we promise to reply to any of your requests within 48 hours. We love packaging and are good at packaging. We strive to achieve "customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and supplier satisfaction." Please contact us immediately, we look forward to creating more value for you!

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We are a reliable custom Cup Sleeve factory with BRC A/BSCI certifications and professional quality control ability.


And the deep understanding of the raw material knowledge and equipment operation always make our dream product come true.


We can offer the most suitable Cup Sleeve packaging service for you with smooth communication and fast response.


Reduce, recycle, degradable are our commitments. And we'realways following the lead of domestic and foreign laws and regulations of the packaging industry.

Cup Sleeve Industry Knowledge Extension

Cup sleeves are cardboard or paper rings used to insulate hot beverages in paper or plastic cups. The sleeve fits over the outside of the mug to help keep the drink warm while also protecting the user's hands from the mug's heat. The sleeve also acts as a barrier to keep the cup from sweating, which can make it slippery and difficult to hold.

What Are The Advantages Of Cup Sleeves?
Material: Cup sleeves are usually made of paper or cardboard with high-quality food-grade materials, which are safe for food and beverages. Some sleeves may be made from recycled materials.
Shape: Cup sleeves are usually cylindrical, with a diameter slightly larger than the cup they are intended to fit. This allows the sleeve to fit easily over the mug and keep it warm.
Insulation: The mug sleeve is designed to provide insulation for hot drinks, which helps keep drinks warm for longer periods of time and protects the user's hands from the heat of the mug.
Barrier: The cup sleeve acts as a barrier to keep the cup from sweating, which can cause the cup to slip and become difficult to hold. This helps to improve the user's grip on the cup.
Printability: Cup sleeves can be printed with logos, graphics, or other branding elements, making them a useful marketing tool for businesses. Some sleeves may have information such as nutritional information or promotional information printed on them.
Recyclability: The cup sleeves are made of paper or cardboard, so they are recyclable, an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic or foam cup holders.

Where Can Cup Sleeves Be Applied?
Often used in a variety of settings, mug sleeves are ideal for hot beverages such as coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, and are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate different mug sizes. The insulation provided by the sleeve helps keep the drink warm while also protecting the user's hands from the heat of the mug. In addition, the cup sleeve can also prevent the cup from slipping. Some cup sleeves may be printed with logos, graphics, or other branding elements, making them useful marketing tools for businesses.
Cup sleeves are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic or foam cup holders because they are made from renewable materials and can be easily recycled. They also provide cost-effective solutions for businesses looking to provide customers with a comfortable and convenient way to enjoy hot beverages.