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What Are The Requirements For Round Paper Plate During Storage

Update:24 Jul 2020

The use of Round paper plate provides convenience for p […]

The use of Round paper plate provides convenience for people's life. In fact, it needs to pay attention to certain ways and means in terms of preservation, which is the key to ensure that its preservation quality is upgraded. According to the analysis of the current actual situation, the longer the preservation time of the round paper plate, the drier the needed areas are. Ventilation can prolong the service life of disposable round paper plate in storage places.

Reduce the placement of damp or odorous articles in the storage place of disposable round paper plate, because the main raw material of paper plate is pulp, which has a super effect on absorbing water vapor and odor. Therefore, if it is stored for too long, it will not only make the round paper plate soft and hairy, but also become very unpleasant in smell.

At the same time, during the storage period, the round paper plate should be simply packaged with plastic film, so as to avoid dust falling into the bowl mouth, which will affect the secondary use in the later period and cause great discount in application. The above details should be carefully observed to provide a scientific storage method for the preservation of round paper plate.


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