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The Primary Factor Of Paper Bucket Being Widely Used

Update:14 Aug 2020

Paper bucket is a kind of equipment that we often use f […]

Paper bucket is a kind of equipment that we often use for packaging. For those articles that are difficult to hold in plastic bucket, paper bucket can solve the packaging problem well. Paper bucket is generally made of multi-layer paperboard, and a layer of recycled paperboard is often added to the middle layer, which can not only improve the sealing performance, but also reduce the cost.

Paper bucket are usually used to package bulk granular products. This is because of its material, and it is not suitable for holding liquid and other items. However, there is no certainty in everything. After special treatment, paper bucket can also hold paste or liquid products. The primary factor for paper bucket to be widely used is that compared with other types of products, paper bucket has low cost and light weight, and have a very reliable sealing effect on some special dangerous goods. It is a transportation packaging product with great development prospects.

The competition of paper bucket in the market is a competition of quality, variety and price. The original data should be saved as much as possible in the design of paper bucket according to its structural shape. Different shapes of paper bucket has different data consumption. When producing paper bucket with a certain volume, what structure saves paper? This problem is known from the theoretical calculation of the calculus of the circular paper bucket: when its diameter and height are equal, it can save data.


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