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The Double Wall Paper Cup Has A Double-layer Structure

Update:02 Oct 2020

Disposable paper cups, as the life supplies for the app […]

Disposable paper cups, as the life supplies for the application of convenience, have become an essential daily expense for families, restaurants, offices and other places. Its changeable shape, bright colors and characteristics of not being afraid of being beaten are loved by many people. At present, corrugated paper cups sold in the market are generally made of single-layer paper in structural design, which generally has low strength of paper cups. After hot water is filled, the cup body is easy to deform, and the heat insulation effect is poor and it is not skid-proof. Let's talk about what an insulated Double wall paper cup is.

1. The double wall paper cup has a double-layer structure, that is, the cup body of the disposable paper cup is composed of an outer cup body and an inner cup body, although the hardness of the cup body can be increased, and the heat insulation effect can be achieved through the gap between the inner cup body and the outer cup body. However, a certain gap needs to be set between the inner cup body and the outer cup body of this paper cup, which leads to the uneven part of the cup body between the inner and outer layers of the paper cup, and the cup body is easy to deform.

2. Double wall paper cups can solve the problems of skid resistance, heat insulation and uneven concave and convex in the prior art.. The technical scheme of the utility model relates to a double-layer heat insulation paper cup, which comprises a base and a double-layer paper cup body composed of an inner layer paper cup body and an outer layer paper cup body, wherein the inner surface or the outer surface of each layer of hollow paper cup body is provided with uneven reinforcing ribs, and the surface composed of the uneven reinforcing ribs is an uneven surface, and the inner layer paper cup body and the outer layer paper cup body are sealed and attached.

3. The production field of double wall paper cups includes advertising paper cups, paper bowls, milk tea cups, paper cups wholesale, tea tribute paper cups, coffee paper cups, double-layer paper cups, hollow paper cups, corrugated paper cups, etc., inner cups and outer cups, wherein the bottom of the inner cups is provided with a circle of clamping edges, and the inner bottom of the outer cups is provided with annular clamping grooves matched with the clamping edges; the outer walls of the inner cups are provided with pattern layers corresponding to the pattern layers

4. The double wall paper cup is designed with double layers, which enhances the heat insulation of the double paper cup, realizes the tight and stable clamping between the inner cup and the outer cup, enhances the difference between interest and advertising paper cups, and realizes the tight grip of the paper cup wholesale, preventing the paper cup from slipping from the hand due to the smooth surface of disposable paper cups, and the outer cup can be recycled, thus reducing resource consumption.

5. Application scope of double wall paper cup: insulated double-layer paper cups are also widely used, which are generally used in tea shops, soybean milk shops, cold drink shops, fast food restaurants, coffee houses, dessert houses, restaurants and hotels, business industries, and so on.


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