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How Should Consumers Buy Disposable Paper Bowl

Update:23 Sep 2020

Disposable tableware is often used to hold all kinds of […]

Disposable tableware is often used to hold all kinds of take-away food, such as paper bags for bread, paper boxes for chips and chicken wings in fast food restaurants, disposable paper cups for guests at home, etc. In life, disposable paper bowl can be seen everywhere, but what is the quality of these various disposable goods? How should consumers buy?

1. Look at the color. When purchasing disposable paper bowl, products with lighter printing colors should be selected. However, if the paper products are too white, a large amount of fluorescent whitening agents may be added or contain impurities, so it is recommended not to use them. At the same time, cold drinks and hot drinks should be distinguished. Cold drink cups are mainly used to hold frozen drinks, carbonated drinks, etc. Compared with hot drink paper cups, the side and bottom seals of cold drink paper cups can't tolerate higher temperatures. If hot water is poured into them, the cold drink paper cups may leak under higher temperature conditions, causing burns and other hazards. Therefore, cold drink paper cups cannot be used to hold hot drinks.

2. Look at the stiffness. High-quality disposable paper bowl have a certain degree of hardness and resilience, while inferior disposable paper lunch boxes are soft, so you can pinch them with your hands when buying, and try to choose hard disposable paper lunch boxes.

3. Look at the material. Some disposable paper bowl use food-grade base paper on the surface, and inferior paper in the middle, which can be torn to see if the fault is yellow.

4. Smell the smell. Don't use hot water when pouring it into disposable paper bowl. This may be due to the cracking change of recycled polyethylene during reprocessing, and many compounds volatilize at high temperature and easily migrate into water.

5. Look at the sign. At present, the state has implemented production license management for some paper products, and QS marks and numbers should be marked on the products or packages and instructions, and the use methods, precautions, uses, environment and temperature of the products should be marked on the instructions or labels.

In the future, we should pay attention to the above five points of attention when purchasing disposable paper bowl. Once the inferior disposable paper bowl are used, it will cause harm to people's health.


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