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Heat Insulation Of Paper Cup Sleeve

Update:02 Mar 2021

When we drink milk tea in winter, we will choose hot mi […]

When we drink milk tea in winter, we will choose hot milk tea, some hot milk tea will make people feel hot, so there is a Paper cup sleeve .

Some paper cup sleeves can also be used as bags to pick up milk tea. Most of the paper cup sleeves are circular and rectangular, so the paper cup sleeve is used to hold hot or cold drinks. Please don't let the drink spill out.

The current water cup has a poor heat insulation effect, so it is prone to scalding accidents, especially for those water cups with no handle design, which are more dangerous when used. Although paper cup sleeves and other cup fixing devices have appeared on the market, the caliber of these products is fixed and cannot be changed according to the width of the cup. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare cup sleeves of different calibers, which is very troublesome. Most of the paper cups currently on the market do not have handles and are easily deformed when holding hot drinks in the paper cups. The paper cups are poorly insulated and easily burned. Secondly, the use of a cup without a handle is very inconvenient when drinking water from the cup.

Like the paper cup sleeve, the main function of the Ps lid is also to insulate and prevent liquid from spilling out.


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