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Environmental Issues Of A Disposable Paper Bowl

Update:23 Feb 2021

With the acceleration of the pace of life, convenience […]

With the acceleration of the pace of life, convenience meals, especially boxed fast food, have become popular with people, and their sales markets are all over the world. Especially the disposable paper bowl is more convenient and fast, and it is very good for take-out or take-out.

It is more convenient to think about the existing problems. The white pollution caused by discarded plastic fast food boxes has seriously damaged the ecological environment and constituted a public hazard. Although paper lunch boxes can be recycled and pollution is avoided, they cannot be "green" products due to the presence of additives in the paper and residual chemicals in the production process. Japan already has a thin wood sheet folding lunch box. However, the thin wood sheet has poor rigidity, low strength of the folded box, and still needs to be covered with paper. Even so, it is still prone to deformation and damage, which affects the use, Its cost is relatively high, and the production process is complicated, so it is difficult to be widely used.

However, with the development of technology, environmentally-friendly paper bowls are being promoted step by step, and environmentally-friendly disposable wooden tableware is now available. However, due to the problem of environmental protection, the disposable paper bowl can be improved.


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