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Double Wall Paper Cup Have More Development Possibilities

Update:18 Sep 2020

With the rapid development of China's economy, disposab […]

With the rapid development of China's economy, disposable paper cups, as convenient daily necessities, have become indispensable daily consumables in homes, restaurants, offices and other places. Compared with single wall paper cup, Double wall paper cup has more development possibilities.

The concept of double wall paper cup: as its name implies, double wall paper cup means that the paper cup is double-layered, with two layers. The quality of double wall paper cups is better than that of single paper cups. Double wall paper cups also last longer than single paper cups. It can also be used to hold hot drinks such as hot coffee.

History of double wall paper cups: In order to expand the application range of paper cups, straight wall double wall paper cups were introduced to the market in 1940. This paper cup is not only portable, but also can hold hot drinks. After that, Shenzhen paper cup manufacturers coated these paper cups with latex to cover the taste of paper cups and enhance the leakproofness of paper cups. The single-layer wax-coated cups treated with latex are widely used for holding hot coffee.

The double wall paper cup is characterized by comprising a base and a double wall paper cup composed of an inner layer paper cup body and an outer layer corrugated paper cup body, wherein the inner surface or the outer surface of each layer paper cup body is provided with uneven reinforcing ribs, the surface composed of the uneven reinforcing ribs is an uneven surface, and the inner layer paper cup body and the outer layer paper cup body are sealed and jointed.


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