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Concept and Development of Portable Food Packaging Container

Update:23 Dec 2022
Summary:With the acceleration of people's life rhythm and the change of consumption patterns, convenience an...

With the acceleration of people's life rhythm and the change of consumption patterns, convenience and simplicity are more reflected in commodity packaging. At present, the unified mode of commodity batch and standardized production has been replaced by the mode of small batch and multi-variety. The product packaging design should not only consider the reasonable packaging function, but also consider the product characteristics, such as conciseness, light weight and portability.

Therefore, portable food packaging has become the main content of the research, and the innovation of the structure design of portable packaging has become the focus of the research.

Today, we explore the structural design of portable packaging such as green environmental protection materials, protection function, packaging structure and decoration design.

Concept and development of portable packaging;

The so-called portable packaging, as the name implies, is a portable packaging. From the use function of the product, the packaging that is more convenient for people to carry and use is the portable packaging, which contains the handle structure and is easy to carry.

In the fashion wave of environmental protection and leisure, the portable packaging of products is more and more valued because of the importance of convenient packaging. Modern people travel more, and the pace of life style is accelerated. In today's diversified commodities, in order to relieve the pressure and save time, they will choose portable and fast commodity packaging, which can bring people a relaxed and happy mood.

Therefore, convenience has become the basic element of marketing. Therefore, the continuous improvement of the portability and design sense of packaging itself has also promoted the market demand.

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