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Can Wooden Tableware Be Sterilized With A Disinfection Cabinet?

Update:28 Jan 2023
Summary:What is the tableware of different materials? 1. Ceramic tableware: Ceramic tableware should be reco...

What is the tableware of different materials?

1. Ceramic tableware: Ceramic tableware should be recognized as exquisite tableware, and many people will choose a set of exquisite ceramic tableware as a gift, which is very classy.
2. Glass tableware: Glass tableware is not only beautiful but also easy to clean and hygienic, and generally does not contain toxic substances.
3. Enamel tableware: Enamel tableware is a modern material product with good strength, strong, not easy to break, good heat resistance, smooth texture, not easy to be contaminated with dust, easy to clean, and very durable.
4. Wooden tableware: Tableware made of bamboo and wood should be the most common and longest used, mainly because it is easy to obtain materials and easy to make.
5. Copper tableware: Some people may have less contact with copper tableware, but they often encounter it when eating out, and it will be more retro and creative.
6. Iron tableware: Although iron tableware is not toxic, it is easy to rust. Rust can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, upset, poor appetite, and other diseases.
7. Stainless steel tableware: Stainless steel has the advantages of elegant appearance, lightness and ease of use, corrosion resistance, and no rust, so this kind of product are very popular among people.
8. Plastic tableware: There are more and more takeaways now, most of which are disposable tableware, and most of this tableware is made of plastic, using polyethylene and polypropylene as raw materials.

Can wooden tableware be sterilized with a disinfection cabinet?

Wooden products can withstand high temperatures and high humidity, so wooden chopsticks can be sterilized in a high-temperature disinfection cabinet.

Different types of tableware should be sterilized separately, that is, tableware that is not resistant to high temperatures can be sterilized in a low-temperature disinfection room, and tableware that is resistant to high temperatures can be placed in a high-temperature disinfection room.

Generally speaking, tableware that is not resistant to high temperatures such as plastic cannot be placed in the lower high-temperature disinfection cabinet, but should be disinfected in the upper-level ozone-sterilized low-temperature disinfection cabinet to avoid damage to the tableware.

Some colorful dishes should not be put into the disinfection cabinet for disinfection. Because the glazes and pigments of these ceramic dishes contain heavy metals such as lead and cadmium, they are easy to overflow if they encounter high temperatures. When the disinfection cabinet is in working condition, the internal temperature can be as high as Celsius.

Frequently placing food in these sterilized colorful porcelains is likely to contaminate the food and endanger health.

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