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Can Disposable Paper Plates Hold Hot Dishes?

Update:03 Feb 2023
Summary:How big is the typical disposable paper tray? In addition to being used to hold food, disposable pap...

How big is the typical disposable paper tray?

In addition to being used to hold food, disposable paper plates are also used for handicrafts. These paper plates can be used to create a variety of animal shapes. These creative handicrafts are very suitable for young children to make.

How big is the seven-inch disposable white paper plate?
Diameter: 17-17.9cm. A disposable white paper plate seven inches refers to the diameter of the plate. Because 1 inch ≈ 3.33 cm, 3.33_7 ≈ 23.3 (cm). So a seven-inch plate is about 23.3 centimeters.

Can disposable paper trays hold hot dishes?
Disposable paper trays can hold hot dishes. But it is easy to damage the dishes, and it is also easy to leak chemicals. I personally think that it is best to use porcelain plates, metal plates, or cage cloths for steaming vegetables, rather than paper plates. Paper plates, a new type of tableware, have not been verified yet, and I don’t know what hidden dangers they may cause. Will any harmful substances seep out at high temperatures and cause any harm to the human body?

The material of the disposable paper tray
Disposable trays are made of sugarcane pulp. Sugarcane pulp is a type of pulp. Bagasse is used as raw material, which is a by-product of sugar factories, and the supply is highly concentrated and seasonal. The use of sugarcane pulp saves a lot of wood, meets the requirements of the national circular economy and environmental protection policies, and turns waste into resources. Disposable paper plates are also made of paper, but the paper is not as good as sugarcane pulp. If you want to buy, it is better to buy sugarcane pulp material paper plates.

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